Getting ready for college in middle school

February, 2014

middle schoolersMany families have questions about how early they should start thinking about college. With our new web resources, parents can begin to answer some of those questions. These pages include information about:

  • Why parents should start thinking about college in middle school
  • Preparing for college in middle school,
  • Considering a private college
  • College finances
  • Tips and tools

Preparing for college is a real concern for many parents, explains Miriam Bungert, a high school teacher and mother to a 7th grader. “I am thinking about the best choice for high school. The high school decision is a game-changer for my son and I believe it could completely determine his fate.  I know that a postsecondary track will be important and that some high schools offer college in the schools options. And as a single parent, I am also quite concerned about the financial toll of college tuition on our family and our quality of life.”

Our hope is that this new content will offer guidance and support to parents like Bungert. Consider putting it to use in your communications with parents and sharing these resources with colleagues. With an earlier public opinion survey, we learned that middle school families are eager for more information and want colleges to provide resources. If you have suggestions for improving our middle school content, please contact Lisa Thompson.