What does college cost?

The listed price is often not what our colleges actually cost to attend. Merit and need-based aid can make a huge difference, lowering tuition costs and making college much more affordable.

  • If your family is like 94% of the families of first-time students at Minnesota’s private colleges, your tuition bill will be reduced by grants and scholarships you never have to pay back.
  • The average net tuition for first-year students at our colleges is $14,469 because first-year students receive an average of $19,340 in grants and scholarships — covering 57% of tuition costs.
  • That’s largely possible because our institutions award more than $523 million in institutional grants and scholarships.

Looking at cost of attendance

There are other expenses that families should take into account that together with tuition and fees make up the cost of attendance. They include:

Cost of attendance

The "net price" — which is the total that net price calculators help estimate — subtracts grants and scholarships from the total cost of attendance.

  • The average net price for first-year students in 2012-13 was $14,469.

net price

Video clip: Finding the net price (2:29)

View more clips from the Paying for Private College video. There are more Paying for College videos available as well, including one for students who will be the first in their families to go to college and others in Spanish, Hmong and Somali.

Tuition and fees

Here are the tuition and fees (listed prices) at our colleges.