Why now?

Getting ready for college in middle school

Here are some good reasons to be thinking about college in middle school:

  • Mom and daughterMiddle school is a good time to start thinking about your student’s interests and talents and how they might translate into a college major or a career.

  • Taking challenging classes in middle school can be a prerequisite for getting into honors, AP (Advanced Placement) or IB (International Baccalaureate) classes in high school. Though you might not know now if your student will take those kinds of courses, it helps to have that option.

  • If your student needs help in any academic subjects or just with general study skills and organization, middle school is the time to get on track.

  • Studies show that students already know what is expected of them by the time they start middle school — and if they’re told that college is expected of them often and early, they are more likely to make it there.

  • Starting early gives families more time to research college options and start saving, resulting in less of a scramble in high school.