Considering a private college

Getting ready for college in middle school

woman talking to manHigh school counselors and college admissions staff like to talk about each student finding a good “fit” when looking at colleges — and the best fit for your student might be at a Minnesota private college. Private colleges tend to have smaller numbers of students, with faculty who are focused on teaching.

Although private college prices are generally higher than publics, they give a larger amount of financial aid. At Minnesota's Private Colleges, families usually end up paying about half the listed price.

Also consider that:

  • Minnesota’s private colleges have the best graduation rate in the state, when compared to the two public systems, the U of M and Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. Also we have the best rate in the Midwest for any private colleges.

  • The average teacher to student ratio at Minnesota private colleges is 12:1; 60% of classes have fewer than 20 students, allowing for more interaction with faculty.

  • Minnesota’s private colleges offer a wide range of majors and student activities. If for example, your student is interested in biology and wants to participate in soccer and choir, you can use our College Finder tool to see which institutions offer the combination your child is looking for.
  • With student bodies that range from 600 to 6,000 students, Minnesota’s private colleges are smaller than large public universities.

  • Our colleges may be a good value when you consider the opportunities your student will have and the likelihood that they will graduate in four years.

Where our member colleges are located:


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