Community and ethics

Chart showing high sense of community at private collegesBuildings connections among students — private colleges are good at that. Smaller numbers and more individualize attention give students more opportunities to form meaningful friendships and gain first-hand experiences. It starts right away, with first-year students targeted with unique orientations, programs and seminars. Ask our alums: Four out of five say there was a strong sense of community at their colleges. (Meanwhile, only half of alums from large Midwestern public institutions say the same.)

Well-rounded education

Academics are central to the college experience, but there's a lot to learn outside of classrooms. Our colleges make a well-rounded education a reality. There's time for students to participate and there are lots of options. Take sports: there are competitive varsity teams, unique club sports and intramurals, not to mention classes to take and great facilities to use. And there's that kind of variety of opportunities across campus, from the arts to politics to service projects. First-year students can look forward to diving in.


chart showing how college helps develop moralsOur colleges help you clarify your values and experience personal growth. Whether church-affiliated or non-denominational, Minnesota's private colleges welcome and expect examination of diverse religious and ethical viewpoints.