Minnesota State Grant

Minnesota's State Grant program provides need-based aid to Minnesota college students. By helping thousands of students from low- and middle-income families afford college, the state makes a strategic investment in our state's future workforce.

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State Grant program benefits

Targets students with the greatest need

  • Three-quarters of recipients have incomes below $40,000; about a quarter have incomes between $40,000 and $70,000.
  • Awards for students at four-year institutions average $2,649.
  • As the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce has said, "the State Grant program is a critical tool for maximizing the number of lower-income people who will have access to and complete higher education."

State Grant recipientsHas statewide impact

  • About one out of four Minnesota undergrads are State Grant recipients.
  • Most students attend public colleges and universities, both two- and four-year. About 11% of State Grant recipients attend the nonprofit colleges that make up the Minnesota Private College Council.
  • There are high percentages of State Grant recipients in all areas of the state; the shares are greatest in Greater Minnesota and inner cities.

Invests in our human capital

  • In this global knowledge economy, retaining an educated workforce will be critical to retaining jobs.

Helps minimize student borrowing and future debt

  • State Grant aid reduces the amount of loans students need to take out to finance their education. (Unfortunately, government-financed aid to students has been lagging in recent years. Institutional aid has increased dramatically, but so has student borrowing; see how State Grant impact has been stagnant.)