This page lists a variety of admission-focused and other publications available for download or order from the Minnesota Private College Council.

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The following items may be ordered:

  • 2015-16 College Guide
  • 2015-16 College Guide poster
  • 2016 Minnesota Private College Week postcard
  • Excellence, Career Preparation, Affordability
  • We're Worth It handout
  • Paying for College DVD
  • Paying for College handout
  • The Facts: 2015
  • 2016 legislative session fact sheet
2015-16 College Guide

College Guide: A Resource for Counselors

The 2015-16 guide includes general information about Minnesota's Private Colleges as well as individual college profile pages. Order College Guides.

Note: If you are ordering this piece for students, consider whether instead you may want our simpler brochure designed for students: Excellence, Career Preparation, Affordability. It contains prompts to visit our website for college profiles and more depth. The We're Worth It! infographic is also intended for students as well as parents.

2015-16 College Guide poster

College Guide poster

A new wall poster to accompany the 2015-16 College Guide. Order the poster.

Minnesota Private College Week postcard

Minnesota Private College Week postcard

A promotional postcard with the details about the Minnesota Private College Week, which will be held June 20-24, 2016. Order the postcard.

cover of Excellence brochure

Excellence, Career Preparation, Affordability

Discover the benefits of attending a Minnesota private college or university. Order Excellence, Career Preparation, Affordability.

We're Worth It infographic thumbnail

We're Worth It handout

An infographic illustrating the benefits of attending a four-year private college in Minnesota. Please note that this handout was designed to print on legal-sized paper. If you do not have this option, you can order copies from us.

Majors grid

Undergraduate majors grid

This chart categorizes majors by subject area and shows which of our colleges offer them. It's handy as a printed reference. (Use our College Finder to search for a major online.)

Paying for College handout

Paying for College handout

Find out more about the Paying for College videos and resources in this handout. Order handouts.

Handout on comparing college costs

How much does college cost?

The college with the lowest listed price may not be a bargain in the long haul. This handout outlines three steps families can take in comparing costs. (updated July 2014)

Transfer Guide

Transfer Guide

A resource for counselors and students alike, this guide offers substantial, campus-specific information about our 17 colleges and universities and their transfer requirements.

Veterans handout

Minnesota's Private Colleges welcome veterans

5 reasons for veterans to consider our colleges:

Donor report cover

Donor report

The 2014-15 report includes scholarship recipient profiles, information about the Minnesota Private College Fund and a list of donors.

2015 The Facts

The Facts

Facts about Minnesota's Private Colleges. Order The Facts.

2016 legislative session fact sheet

2016 legislative session fact sheet

Facts about Minnesota private colleges for policymakers.

Case statement cover

Case for investment

Minnesota's Private Colleges are educating your future talent. Find out about employer benefits and how you can provide support.