Through development and management of strategic partnerships and alliances, the Council’s Community Initiative works to strengthen connections between communities of color and our member institutions. The goals are to:

  • increase college participation and success of students of color, in particular at our member institutions
  • broaden the base of community partnerships and alliances within diverse populations

This work is pursued through external outreach, intercampus collaboration and philanthropic and corporate outreach.

Community outreach

  • Partnering—building strategic community relationships with individual leaders, organizations, businesses, schools and other community entities.
  • Visibility—Increasing awareness through sponsorships at events and targeted advertising in media outlets serving communities of color.
  • Networking—having a physical or online presence at community forums, meetings, conferences and celebrations.
  • Resource sharing—providing links to key student-serving organizations with which member institutions can partner.

Inter-campus collaboration and interaction

  • Convening multicultural officers—drawing voices from member institutions to exchange program ideas, best practices and consider collaborative efforts.
  • Supporting ongoing efforts—working with member institutions as they address racial justice and racial equity.

For more information contact Sunny Kase, director of community initiative, at 651-293-6809 or [email protected].