Although no two colleges have the exact same guidelines or policies for scheduling campus visits for groups, we can offer a few tips to help you streamline the process to make the visit a positive one — for both you and your students.

Check out PDFs below for the full details on what each of our colleges prefer or scroll down for general answers to some common questions. Copies of both PDFs can be ordered for free.

General questions about on-campus group visits

College-specific details are available for each of our members in the above guide, but the following will provide a basic overview to get you started.

Which students can I bring?

Because of the high volume of group visit requests that our colleges receive, many of our colleges limit group visits to students in 11th and 12th grade. Others, however, may be interested in hosting 10th graders, and some colleges may have special visit days for younger students.

How many students can I bring?

Our colleges often limit the size of the group you can bring. This ensures that students will get the most out of their visit. The actual number of students allowed per group visit varies by college. Also be aware that many of our colleges require at least one adult chaperon per 10 students.

When can I schedule group visits?

Most of our colleges require at least two weeks’ notice prior to the requested visit date. The best rule of thumb it to plan as far in advance as possible since it’s not uncommon for colleges to offer a limited number of group visits per term. Also keep in mind that some colleges only schedule group visits on certain days of the week or at certain times of the day.

How long will the campus visit last?

Visits at our colleges generally last about two hours. This usually includes a walking tour of the campus and an admission information session. Some colleges may offer additional content programming.

Will the college provide lunch?

Our colleges very rarely provide lunch for group visits. However, some may offer a discounted lunch rate based on the number of people in your group.

Who pays for the cost of transportation?

Transportation must be paid for and coordinated by the group scheduling the campus visit.

What are our parking options?

Many colleges have on-campus parking for buses. However, for those in a more urban setting, parking may only be available off-campus on the street. Be sure to ask about your options.

How do I start the process to schedule a group visit?

The first step is to contact the college. Many have group visit information online or an online form that you can fill out to begin the process; use the college links below. For those without details online, please call or email the admissions office.

What if someone else is scheduling the visit for me?

In those instances where the person leading the visit isn’t the person actually scheduling the visit, the person leading the visit also should communicate with the college about their itinerary to make sure everything is scheduled and planned accurately.

General questions about alternatives

College-specific details are available for each of our members in the guide at the top of this page, but the following will provide a basic overview to get you started.

Can college reps come to our location to talk with students?

Most of our members are open to doing this, their availability will depend on location, timing, and the age group of your students. Some also might have the option to bring current college students with them.

Can college reps connect with our students virtually?

Most of our member are open to doing this, and some are able to have current college student participate as well.

Are pre-existing events on campus open to the public?

Many campuses have athletic, fine arts, and other events that are open to the public, including students and their families.

Can we lead students on a self-guided tour of campus?

Some campuses are okay with groups coming to campus for a self-guided tour, while other are not. Be sure to check the full guide for details.