Most of our colleges don't charge a fee to apply, and all have online applications. Find out more about their application requirements.

Keep in mind that applying for financial aid is a separate process from applying to specific colleges and that there is never a fee to file for financial aid. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is used to determine federal, state and college-specific aid. Don't assume you won't qualify for aid. Most college students receive some type of financial aid.

CollegeApplication deadlineCost to applyHow to applyFinancial aid deadline
<a href="/colleges/augsburg-university">Ausburg University</a>Early Auggie: Dec. 1<br/>Rolling with priority deadline: May 1Free<a href="">Online application</a>May 1 priority awarding
<a href="/colleges/bethany-lutheran-college">Bethany Lutheran College</a>Fall semester: July 1<br/>Spring semester: Dec. 1Free<a href="">Online application</a>April 15
<a href="/colleges/bethel-university">Bethel University</a>Rolling with priority date of Nov. 15 (traditional day program)Free<a href="">Online application</a>April 15
<a href="/colleges/carleton-college">Carleton College</a>Early Decision Fall: Nov. 15<br/>Early Decision Winter: Jan. 15<br/>Regular Decision: Jan. 15Free<a href="">Online application</a>Early Decision I: Nov. 15<br/>Early Decision II: Jan. 15<br/>Regular Decision: Jan. 15"
<a href="/colleges/college-saint-benedict-saint-johns-university">College of Saint Benedict</a>Early Action I: Nov. 15<br/>Early Action II: Dec. 15<br/>Regular Decision: Jan. 15Free<a href="">Online application</a>March 15 priority deadline
<a href="/colleges/college-saint-scholastica">The College of St. Scholastica</a>Early Action: Nov. 15<br/>Regular Decision: Feb. 1<br/>Rolling: Aug. 31Free<a href="">Online application</a>None, but priority scholarship deadline is Dec. 1 and March 1
<a href="/colleges/concordia-college-moorhead">Concordia College, Moorhead</a>RollingFree<a href="">Online application</a>Rolling
<a href="/colleges/concordia-university-st-paul">Concordia University, St. Paul</a>Fall: Aug. 1<br/>Spring: Dec. 1Free<a href="">Online application</a>May 1
<a href="/colleges/gustavus-adolphus-college">Gustavus Adolphus College</a>Early Action: Nov. 1<br/>Rolling: Dec. 1 - May 1Free<a href="">Online application</a>April 15
<a href="/colleges/hamline-university">Hamline University</a>Early Decision: Nov. 1<br/>Early Action: Dec. 1<br/>Regular Decision: Jan. 15<br/>Rolling: after Jan. 15Free<a href="">Online application</a>Feb. 1
<a href="/colleges/Macalester-college">Macalester College</a>Early Action: Nov. 1<br/>Early Decision I: Nov. 1<br/>Early Decision II: Jan. 1<br/>Regular Decision: Jan. 15Free<a href="">Online application</a>Regular Decision: Jan. 22
<a href="/colleges/minneapolis-college-art-and-design">Minneapolis College of Art and Design</a><strong>Fall semester</strong><br/>Early Action*: Dec. 1<br/>Priority: Feb. 15<br/>Regular Decision**: April 1<br/><strong>Spring semester</strong><br/>Early Action*: Oct. 1<br/>Priority: Nov. 1<br/>Regular Decision**: Dec. 1<br/>*Early Action application has many benefits, including eligibility for the MCAD Laptop Scholarship.<br/>**Regular Decision applications will be accepted on a space-available basis. If space is available and if the applicant is admitted, an admission and Merit Scholarship decision will be made within two weeks, on a rolling basis.$50<br/>Free in October during College Knowledge Month; use code MCW2020.<br/>Accepts <a href="">NACAC fee waiver</a> all year<a href="">Online application</a>Oct. 1 priority deadline
<a href="/colleges/college-saint-benedict-saint-johns-university">Saint John’s University</a>Early Action I: Nov. 15<br/>Early Action II: Dec. 15<br/>Regular Decision: Jan. 15Free<a href=">Online application</a>March 15 priority deadline
<a href="/colleges/saint-marys-university-minnesota">Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, Winona Campus</a>Early Action I: Oct. 15<br/>Early Action II: Nov. 15<br/>Regular Decision I: Dec. 15<br/>Regular Decision II: Jan. 15<br/>Rolling: Jan. 16Free<a href="">Online application</a>Early Action I: Dec. 1<br/>Early Action II: Dec. 1<br/>Regular Decision I: Jan. 1<br/>Regular Decision II: Feb. 1<br/>
<a href=”/colleges/st-catherine-university”>St. Catherine University</a>RollingFree<a href="">Online application</a>April 15
<a href="/colleges/saint-olaf-college">St. Olaf College</a>Early Action:Nov. 15<br/>Early Decision I: Nov. 15<br/>Early Decision II: Jan. 15<br/>Regular Decision: Jan. 15Free<a href="">Online application</a>Early Action: Nov. 15<br/>Early Decision I: Nov. 15<br/>Early Decision II: Jan. 15<br/>Regular Decision: Jan. 15
<a href="/colleges/university-saint-thomas">University of St. Thomas</a>Early Action: Nov. 1<br/>Regular Decision: Jan. 15<br/>Rolling: after Feb. 15Free<a href="">Online application</a>Early Action: Dec. 1<br/>Regular Decision: Feb. 15