Most of our colleges don't charge a fee to apply, and there is never a fee to file for financial aid. Keep in mind that applying for financial aid is a separate process from applying to specific colleges. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is used to determine federal, state and college-specific aid. Don't assume you won't qualify for aid. Most college students will receive some sort of financial aid.

Find out more about application requirements at our colleges.

CollegeApplication deadlineCost to applyHow to applyFinancial aid deadline
<a href="/colleges/augsburg-university">Ausburg University</a>Early Auggie: Dec. 1<br/>Rolling with priority deadline: May 1Free<a href="">Online</a>May 1 priority awarding
<a href="/colleges/bethany-lutheran-college">Bethany Lutheran College</a>Fall semester: July 1<br/>Spring semester: Dec. 1Free<a href="">Online</a>April 15
<a href="/colleges/bethel-university">Bethel University</a>Rolling with priority date of Nov. 15 (traditional day program)Free<a href="">Online</a>April 15
<a href="/colleges/carleton-college">Carleton College</a>Early Decision Fall: Nov. 15<br/>Early Decision Winter: Jan. 15<br/>Regular Decision: Jan. 15Free<a href="">Online</a>Early Decision I: Nov. 15<br/>Early Decision II: Jan. 15<br/>Regular Decision: Jan. 15"
<a href="/colleges/college-saint-benedict-saint-johns-university">College of Saint Benedict</a>Early Action I: Nov. 15<br/>Early Action II: Dec. 15<br/>Regular Decision: Jan. 15Free<a href="">Online</a>March 15 priority deadline
<a href="/colleges/college-saint-scholastica">The College of St. Scholastica</a>Early Action: Nov. 15<br/>Regular Decision: Feb. 1<br/>Rolling: Aug. 31Free<a href="">Online</a>None, but priority scholarship deadline is Dec. 1 and March 1
<a href="/colleges/concordia-college-moorhead">Concordia College, Moorhead</a>RollingFree<a href="">Online</a>Rolling
<a href="/colleges/concordia-university-st-paul">Concordia University, St. Paul</a>Fall: Aug. 1<br/>Spring: Dec. 1Free<a href="">Online</a>May 1
<a href="/colleges/gustavus-adolphus-college">Gustavus Adolphus College</a>Early Action: Nov. 1<br/>Rolling: Dec. 1 - May 1Free<a href="">Online</a>April 15
<a href="/colleges/hamline-university">Hamline University</a>Early Decision: Nov. 1<br/>Early Action: Dec. 1<br/>Regular Decision: Jan. 15<br/>Rolling: after Jan. 15Free<a href="">Online</a>Feb. 1
<a href="/colleges/Macalester-college">Macalester College</a>Early Action: Nov. 1<br/>Early Decision I: Nov. 1<br/>Early Decision II: Jan. 1<br/>Regular Decision: Jan. 15Free<a href="">Online</a>Regular Decision: Jan. 22
<a href="/colleges/minneapolis-college-art-and-design">Minneapolis College of Art and Design</a><strong>Fall semester</strong><br/>Early Action*: Dec. 1<br/>Priority: Feb. 15<br/>Regular Decision**: April 1<br/><strong>Spring semester</strong><br/>Early Action*: Oct. 1<br/>Priority: Nov. 1<br/>Regular Decision**: Dec. 1<br/>*Early Action application has many benefits, including eligibility for the MCAD Laptop Scholarship.<br/>**Regular Decision applications will be accepted on a space-available basis. If space is available and if the applicant is admitted, an admission and Merit Scholarship decision will be made within two weeks, on a rolling basis.$50<br/>Free in October during College Knowledge Month; use code MCW2020.<br/>Accepts <a href="">NACAC fee waiver</a> all year<a href="">Online</a>Oct. 1 priority deadline
<a href="/colleges/college-saint-benedict-saint-johns-university">Saint John’s University</a>Early Action I: Nov. 15<br/>Early Action II: Dec. 15<br/>Regular Decision: Jan. 15Free<a href=">Online</a>March 15 priority deadline
<a href="/colleges/saint-marys-university-minnesota">Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, Winona Campus</a>Early Action I: Oct. 15<br/>Early Action II: Nov. 15<br/>Regular Decision I: Dec. 15<br/>Regular Decision II: Jan. 15<br/>Rolling: Jan. 16Free<a href="">Online</a>Early Action I: Dec. 1<br/>Early Action II: Dec. 1<br/>Regular Decision I: Jan. 1<br/>Regular Decision II: Feb. 1<br/>
<a href=”/colleges/st-catherine-university”>St. Catherine University</a>RollingFree<a href="">Online</a>April 15
<a href="/colleges/saint-olaf-college">St. Olaf College</a>Early Action:Nov. 15<br/>Early Decision I: Nov. 15<br/>Early Decision II: Jan. 15<br/>Regular Decision: Jan. 15Free<a href="">Online</a>Early Action:Nov. 15<br/>Early Decision I: Nov. 15<br/>Early Decision II: Jan. 15<br/>Regular Decision: Jan. 15
<a href="/colleges/university-saint-thomas">University of St. Thomas</a>Early Action: Nov. 1<br/>Regular Decision: Jan. 15<br/>Rolling: after Feb. 15Free<a href="">Online</a>Early Action: Dec. 1<br/>Regular Decision: Feb. 15