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Ask many college students how they chose their school and they’ll tell you they “just knew” when they visited and were surrounded by the students, staff, faculty and community. It's a good idea to visit different kinds of institutions (different sizes, settings, affiliations) so you have a good basis for comparison.

Although some campuses are beginning to offer in-person visits again, there are limits due to COVID-19. An alternative is to schedule virtual one-on-one visits with admissions staff. If you're not ready for one-one-one, consider attending group virtual information sessions or start your college exploration by taking online self-guided tours.

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► Want more detail on which campuses are offering which types of visit options? View or download our campus visit options PDF (last updated Sept. 17, 2021).

As in-person visits open up again...

If you're heading to a campus, consider making a road trip out of it. Follow the links below to learn more about communities where our colleges are located. Don't have access to a car? Explore your alternative transportation options.