Here are some potential questions to consider raising on your next campus visit. What questions would you add that reflect your own priorities or interests?

College and campus

  • How would you describe the character of the campus?
  • What type of orientation introduces a newcomer to campus life?
  • Where do students live — on or off campus?
  • Are there stimulating social and intellectual opportunities — lectures, debates, concerts? Are they well attended by faculty and students?
  • What percentage of students return the following year?
  • What is the graduation rate after 4 years? 6 years?


  • How welcoming is your campus to diverse populations?
  • What resources do you have to help first generation students?
  • How many students are from Minnesota, other states or other countries? 
  • How do students treat each other?

Teaching and advising

  • What is the average class size? What is the student-to-faculty ratio?
  • What can you tell me about the major I'm interested in?
  • Do professors or graduate assistants teach first-year classes and labs?
  • How extensively does the college rely on part-time or adjunct faculty?
  • Are faculty members available to talk to first-year students about their academic disciplines and provide career guidance?
  • What kind of availability do professors offer?
  • Will I have an academic advisor? How many students are assigned to one advisor? Will the advisor be a professor?
  • Is excellent teaching valued and used as factor in awarding tenure and promotion? Does the college offer resources to improve teaching?
  • Does teaching include more than lecturing?
  • Are students encouraged to work together, discuss topics in class or do self-directed independent projects?
  • Are undergraduate students able to work with faculty on academic or scientific research?
  • Do students participate in a senior seminar or design a senior project to demonstrate mastery of their major field of study?
  • How is technology used in teaching and learning?

Support services

  • Does the college have a program to identify students having academic or personal issues, and programs to help them?
  • Are tutors, skill centers, writing assistance, counselors provided?
  • What kind of tools, resources and training does the library provide?
  • What kind of technology (Wi-fi, laptops, computer labs etc.) is available or planned?

Beyond the classroom

  • What happens after class and on weekends?
  • What clubs and activities are students involved in?
  • What kinds of student organizations are on campus?
  • What kind of off-campus or study abroad programs does the college offer? What percentage of students participate?
  • What opportunities are there for community service and/or religious activities?

Career services

  • What internship or career exploration opportunities are available?
  • Do the programs and majors offered fit potential career interests?
  • What services does the career development office provide?
  • What kind of careers do alumni have?
  • Do alumni help identify opportunities for recent grads?

Paying for college

  • What financial aid and scholarship opportunities are available?
  • What percentage of students receive financial aid? On average, how much?
  • What jobs are available on and off campus?