new transfer students in 2020


come from other Minnesota colleges


are students of color or Native American students

Admission counselors understand that sometimes the first school you choose isn’t the best fit, or you complete general requirements at one school and want to transfer to finish your degree.

Many of our schools have night, weekend or other programs that allow students to continue working and caring for families while going to school. Others offer the “traditional” undergraduate experience for transfer students. Check out the transfer college profiles linked below for details or review the Transfer Guide linked at the bottom of this page:

To help make the transfer process as smooth as possible and to help you finish your degree on time, here are some tips:

  • As early as you can, look up the transfer requirements online for the school you may want to transfer to and work to fulfill their requirements. View the transfer details at the links above for those institutions that interest you.
  • Have an early conversation with a transfer adviser at the school you plan to transfer to. They may have suggestions that can help you stay on track.
  • Most transfer applications require an essay about why you want to transfer to that institution. Keep that in mind so you know what to write when the time comes.
  • Have course syllabi available for each class you've taken at your previous college so the new college can determine which credits may transfer.

Interested in taking the next step? Schedule your own visit. A link to the college's visit page can be found on each of the pages linked above.