SchoolScholarships available to transfer students
<a href="/colleges/augsburg-university/transfer">Ausburg University</a>Day students only — Transfer Regents ($18,000 - $26,000), Honors Scholarship ($28,000), International Student Scholarships ($25,000-$30,000), PTK Scholarship ($2,500)
<a href="/colleges/bethany-lutheran-college/transfer">Bethany Lutheran College</a>Academic, visual arts, music class/lesson, journalism, speech and debate, theater and esports scholarships.
<a href="/colleges/bethel-university/transfer">Bethel University</a>Visit <a href=""></a> for more information on scholarships.
<a href="/colleges/carleton-college/transfer">Carleton College</a>Carleton meets the full financial need of admitted students through a combination of Carleton grant assistance, work study and loans based on the students’ demonstrated family need.
<a href="/colleges/college-saint-benedict-saint-johns-university/transfer">College of Saint Benedict</a>Merit-based scholarships ($1,500 to $32,000/year) from the following programs: Academic Achievement, Phi Theta Kappa, Art, Music, Theater, Benedictine and ROTC.
<a href="/colleges/college-st-scholastica/transfer">The College of St. Scholastica</a>St. Scholastica offers several transfer scholarships, making a CSS education more affordable than you may realize. In fact, 100 percent of transfer students receive financial aid including our Transfer Benedictine Merit Scholarship up to $28,000 per year.
<a href="/colleges/concordia-college-moorhead/transfer">Concordia College, Moorhead</a>Transfer Gold Scholarship (up to $25,000/year), Transfer Excellence scholarships (up to $12,000/year), Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship ($1,000/year), Transfer Honors Scholarship ($1,000/year), Diversity Scholarship ($1,000/year), Music Scholarship (up to $6,000/year), Speech Scholarship (up to $6,000/year), Theatre Scholarship ($6,000/year), Visual Arts Scholarship (up to $6,000/year), Concordia Congregational Match scholarship (up to $1,000/year).
<a href="/colleges/concordia-university-st-paul/transfer">Concordia University, St. Paul</a>Transfer students are automatically awarded one of five academic scholarships (renewable for two more years) based on cumulative GPA at the time of admission. To be eligible, a student must attend undergraduate day classes full-time and have completed at least 20 semester credits prior to entering Concordia University. Additionally, transfer students may be eligible for the renewable Transfer Advantage Scholarship ($1,000/year) if they complete the MNTC or an associate degree at a partner school, or the renewable Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship ($1,000/year) if they are a member of PTK at the time of admission.
<a href="/colleges/gustavus-adolphus-college/transfer">Gustavus Adolphus College</a>Dean’s Scholarship ($13,000 - $25,000), Phi Theta Kappa ($2,500), Gustavus Legacy Award ($2,500), Church Matching Scholarships (up to $1,000), Lutheran Leadership Award ($250 - $2,000).
<a href="/colleges/hamline-university/transfer">Hamline University</a>Phi Theta Kappa ($3,000), Hamline Firsts ($3,000 for first-generation college students), Transfer Achievement Awards (up to $23,000), Departmental scholarships (up to $3,000 in Art, Business, Science, Writing, Music, Theater), Legacy scholarships ($2,000 for students whose parents, grandparents or siblings graduated from Hamline, or for students whose siblings are currently attending).
<a href="/colleges/Macalester-college/transfer">Macalester College</a>Each admitted student receives a financial aid package that meets 100% of demonstrated need for financial aid. Two out of three Macalester students receive need-based financial assistance.
<a href="/colleges/minneapolis-college-art-and-design/transfer">Minneapolis College of Art and Design</a>Applicants who meet the deadlines will receive an admission and MCAD Merit Scholarship decision within two weeks, on a rolling basis.
<a href="/colleges/college-saint-benedict-saint-johns-university/transfer">Saint John’s University</a>Merit-based scholarships ($1,500 to $32,000/year) from the following programs: Academic Achievement, Phi Theta Kappa, Art, Music, Theater, Benedictine and ROTC.
<a href="/colleges/saint-marys-university-minnesota/transfer">Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota</a>Transfer Academic Scholarships based on transfer GPA ($12,000-$21,000), PTK Scholarship ($2,500), Transfer Community & Technical College Scholarship ($1,500).
<a href="/colleges/st-catherine-university/transfer">St. Catherine University</a>Academic Achievement Scholarship for Transfer Students ($10,000–$26,000), Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship ($2,500), Duplikate ($2,000), Triplikate ($3,000), St. Kate’s Complete Scholarship ($3,000).
<a href="/colleges/st-olaf-college/transfer">St. Olaf College</a>Transfer Student scholarships, Fine Arts (Music, Dance, Art, Theater) scholarships, National Merit scholarships.
<a href="/colleges/university-st-thomas/transfer">University of St. Thomas</a>UST Transfer Award ($5,000-$26,000): This award recognizes the academic accomplishments of transfer students who have positively contributed to their community and demonstrated post-secondary academic success.</br></br>Music Scholarship ($6,00 - $25,000): The Department of Music awards multiple renewable scholarships, based on music performance and academic achievement. Students who are accepted to the University of St. Thomas and intend to major in music, music performance, music business, or music education are eligible to apply.</br></br>Transfer College Access Scholarship: Transfer students that participated in a college access program while in high school have the opportunity to be considered for an additional $2,000 scholarship. A few examples of these college access programs are College Possible, AVID or TRiO.