SchoolAA or MNTC accepted?Minimum transfer GPAFall deadlineSpring deadlineTransfer scholarships
<a href="/colleges/augsburg-university">Ausburg University</a>Both2.0Contact schoolContact schoolDay students only — Transfer Regents ($16,000-$23,000), Fine Arts ($3,000), International Student Scholarships ($16,000-$23,000), PTK Scholarship ($2,500)
<a href="/colleges/bethany-lutheran-college">Bethany Lutheran College</a>Contact school2.0Jul. 1Dec. 10Academic, visual arts, music class/lesson, journalism, speech and debate, and theater scholarships available
<a href="/colleges/bethel-university">Bethel University</a>Course-by-course evaluation2.0Contact schoolContact school<a href=" ">See college website</a>
<a href="/colleges/carleton-college">Carleton College</a>Course-by-course evaluation3.5Mar. 31Not applicableMeets the full financial need of admitted students through a combination of work, loans and Carleton grant assistance based on students’ family need
<a href="/colleges/college-saint-benedict-saint-johns-university">College of Saint Benedict</a>Course-by-course evaluation2.75Apr. 1Dec. 1Merit-based scholarships  ($1,500-$18,000/yr) from the following programs: President’s, Dean’s, PTK, Art, Music, Theater, Benedictine and ROTC
<a href="/colleges/college-st-scholastica">The College of St. Scholastica</a>Both2.0RollingRollingTransfer Benedictine Scholarship ($13,000-$20,000/yr) with Transfer GPA of 2.0 or better. Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship ($1,000/yr). These scholarships are stackable up to $21,000/yr. Ge-naadamaagoyan Native American Scholarship ($5,000-$18,000/yr). Transfer CSSYes-full tuition scholarship. Multicultural, Inclusion, & Diversity Scholarship (up to $5,000), Sister Timothy Kirby Social Justice Scholarship (up to $18,000). Plus many other scholarship options.
<a href="/colleges/concordia-college-moorhead ">Concordia College, Moorhead</a>Course-by-course evaluation2.5RollingRollingTransfer Academic scholarships (up to $18,000/yr); Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship ($1,000/yr); Transfer Honors Scholarship ($1,000); Music Scholarship (up to $6,000/yr); Speech and Debate Scholarship (up to $6,000/yr); Theatre Scholarship ($6,000/year); Visual Arts Scholarship (up to $6,000/yr); Concordia Congregational matching scholarship (up to $1,000/yr)
<a href="/colleges/concordia-university-st-paul ">Concordia University, St. Paul</a>Both2Aug. 1Dec. 1Transfer students are automatically awarded one of three academic scholarships (renewable for two more years) based on cumulative GPA at the time of admission; may be eligible for the renewable Transfer Advantage Scholarship ($1,000/yr) if complete the MNTC or an associate degree at a partner school, or the renewable PTK ($1,000/yr) if they are a member of PTK at the time of admission
<a href="/colleges/gustavus-adolphus-college ">Gustavus Adolphus College</a>Course-by-course evaluation2.4Aug. 15Jan. 15Dean’s Scholarship ($13,000-$24,000 range), PTK ($2,500), Gustavus Legacy Award ($2,500), Church Matching Scholarships (up to $1,000), Lutheran Leadership Award ($250-$2,000)
<a href="/colleges/hamline-university ">Hamline University</a>Both2.5Aug. 1Jan. 10PTK scholarships, Transfer Achievement Awards (merit scholarships), Departmental scholarships (Art, Business, Science, Writing, Music, Theater), Legacy scholarships (for students whose parents, grandparents or siblings graduated from Hamline)
<a href="/colleges/macalester-college ">Macalester College</a>Course-by-course evaluationIndividual evaluationApr. 15Oct. 29Meets full demonstrated financial need of all students.
<a href="/colleges/minneapolis-college-art-and-design ">Minneapolis College of Art and Design</a>Course-by-course evaluation2.5Feb. 15Nov. 1Applicants who meet the deadlines will receive an admission and MCAD Merit Scholarship decision within two weeks, on a rolling basis.
<a href="/colleges/college-saint-benedict-saint-johns-university ">Saint John’s University</a>Course-by-course evaluation2.75Apr. 1Dec. 1Merit-based scholarships  ($1,500-$18,000/yr) from the following programs: President’s, Dean’s, PTK, Art, Music, Theater, Benedictine and ROTC
<a href="/colleges/saint-marys-university-minnesota">Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota</a>All MNTC, grades of C or better2RollingRollingTransfer Academic Scholarships based on transfer GPA ($10,000-$18,000); PTK Scholarship ($2,500); Transfer Community & Technical College Scholarship ($1,500)
<a href="/colleges/st-catherine-university”>St. Catherine University</a>Course-by-course evaluationContact schoolRollingRollingAcademic Achievement, Dean’s, PTK, Duplikate, Alumnae Referral
<a href="/colleges/st-olaf-college>St. Olaf College</a>Course-by-course evaluation3Apr. 1Contact schoolTransfer Student scholarships, Fine Arts (Music, Dance, Art, Theater), National Merit
<a href="/colleges/university-st-thomas">University of St. Thomas</a>Course-by-course evaluation2.3Aug. 1Jan. 29UST Transfer Award, includes PTK applicants ($5,000-$20,000): This award recognizes the academic accomplishments of transfer students who have positively contributed to their community and demonstrated post-secondary academic success. All newly admitted transfer students working on their first bachelor’s degree are considered. The award is based on a review of a candidate’s application and supporting documentation on file. Applicants are reviewed on a rolling basis; recipients are selected until funds are exhausted. Music Scholarship: ($500 - $5,000) Available to students majoring in music and designated for each of the following areas: fretted and bowed strings; keyboard; voice; woodwind; brass and percussion. Auditions required.