Augsburg’s adult undergraduate program offers a unique, blended course format for our degree completion program available in Business, Education, Psychology and Nursing (BSN completion) that gives you the best of both worlds — the close connections with faculty and classmates that come from on-campus meetings and the flexibility that comes with online course delivery. And we welcome more transfer credits than ever before to help you quickly and efficiently finish your degree.

Whether you are returning to college to advance in your career or because you are considering a career change, Augsburg can help you finish your classes and get your degree. For more than 30 years, we’ve delivered quality education to adult learners. We will meet you where you are and help you get where you want to go.

2,382 Total undergraduate enrollment
4% Students enrolled in non-traditional programs

Program details
Areas of study offered

Business Administration/Economics
Education (Elementary, Secondary license only, ESL, Special Education ABS)
English as a Second Language
Interdisciplinary Studies
Nursing (BSN completion)

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Program type
Adult undergraduate degree completion for post-traditional students

Program schedule
Courses in a blended format meet on campus approximately six to eight times each semester with the remaining content online. Augsburg’s faculty are committed to providing flexibility while still creating an engaging environment for students and allowing for vocational development.

Fall (Aug. – Dec.)
Spring (Dec. – May)
Summer (May – Aug.)

Credit transfer

Credits will likely transfer if they are from a regionally accredited institution, college-level coursework, liberal arts/non-technical and have a grade of C- or higher. Learn more about transferring credits. 

Maximum number of credits that can transfer
96 (Most applicants transfer in with as many credits as they have taken.)

Number of credits required for degree

Minimum cumulative GPA required

Minimum grade required for a course to transfer

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Block transfer acceptance for two-year college students

► Accepts Associate of Arts degree
► Accepts Minnesota Transfer Curriculum

Completion of MnTC and/or an A.A. will fulfill Augsburg's liberal arts foundation requirements. BSN completion students can block transfer their associate degree in Nursing in addition to liberal arts electives (if applicable).


Apply online

The adult undergraduate program is a degree completion program for post-traditional students. Applicants are required to meet the following requirements for admission consideration for any adult undergraduate program.

  1. Have a minimum of 12 transferable credits AND
  2. Are applying to one of the 11 eligible adult undergraduate majors AND
  3. Students must meet ONE of the following requirements:
    1. Majoring in English as a Second Language, B.A.; Special Education: ABS B.A., or RN to BSN, B.S. with 60 or more transferable credits

    2. Have 3+ years full-time work experience since high school graduation

    3. Have 3+ years of significant family care commitment since high school graduation

    4. Have 3+ years of a mix of non-full time college enrollment, work, family etc. since high school graduation

    5. Have military service since high school graduation

    6. 24 years or older at the date of matriculation

Application deadlines
Fall term: Aug. 15
Spring term: Dec. 15
Summer term: May 1

Application fee

Where electronic transcripts must be sent
[email protected]

Financial aid & cost

Tuition and fees

Cost per credit
$440 (or $1,760 per four-credit course), plus $61 per term for parking permit

Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) Scholarship
Organization Partnership Scholarship
Educational Partnership Scholarship
Alumni Scholarship
Military Scholarship
AmeriCorps Scholarship
Legacy Scholarship

All provide a $50/credit discount. Students can only receive one. Learn more at about scholarships for adult learners.

FAFSA code

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