Carleton welcomes transfer students to apply every year. We understand that every transfer student’s story is different, and our admissions committee will take the time to consider your experiences and your interest in attending Carleton. Each year we review applications from students who want to transfer to college. Whether you're applying from a community college, a large university or something in between, we're eager to support your journey to Carleton.

I like Carleton’s culture because many returning students and faculty feel obliged to uphold a mentorship role for new students, including transfers! Incoming students should prepare for an effusive welcome that includes warm invitations to hang out with students from diverse backgrounds and discussing refreshing topics.

Julian Gallego '20

Transfer student profile

9 Transfer students in 2019

Transfer student race/ethnicity (excludes international)
0% African-American
0% American Indian/Alaskan Native
11% Asian
11% Latinx
0% Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
56% White
0% Multiracial
22% Race/ethnicity unknown

Credit transfer

Carleton awards credits for coursework from regionally accredited colleges and universities, with grades of C- or higher. Initially, we award general credit: equivalency to specific courses is determined by individual academic departments. Transfer students can bring in a maximum of 102 credits (equivalent to 18 Carleton courses). No credit is given for Ds in courses.

Application deadlines

Fall: March 31


Carleton meets the full financial need of admitted students through a combination of work, loans and Carleton grant assistance based on the students’ family need.

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