The graduate, accelerated & post-baccalaureate programs at Concordia College will challenge you in thought-provoking directions and transform your global understanding, character and compassion in positive ways. You will be inspired to engage responsibly in your community, serving the world’s greatest needs as you expand your education and career. Our rewarding programs in nursing, pre-medicine, dietetics and nutrition, world language instruction and teaching preparation boast small, close-knit cohorts delivering skills-based practice and a hands-on approach to learning. You will have access to exceptional advisors and mentors who partner with you throughout the program and into your next academic or career endeavors.


Nutrition & dietetics: Concordia’s Nutrition and Dietetic program offers a science-based education steeped in the liberal arts and focused on building strong communication skills, to meet these growing world demands. Small class sizes and dedicated faculty provide a comfortable, accessible environment to share and learn. Students take part in practical, relevant field experience as part of the curriculum and have opportunities to network with nutrition professionals during events and conferences. Our accredited MS in Nutrition and Dietetic internship program prepares thoughtful and competent entry-level dietitians for advanced leadership roles in careers related to food, nutrition and dietetics.

Nursing: In Concordia’s accredited nursing programs prepare, our students gain real-world experience in numerous health care facilities that serve the Fargo-Moorhead and surrounding area. All students complete 700 hours of clinical experience across the curriculum, and our nursing students’ average board pass rate of 94% exceeds the national average. Students are offered interdisciplinary learning, global learning and vocational retreat opportunities. Our nursing faculty are experienced instructors, advisors and mentors, supporting each student’s unique needs as they navigate through coursework and clinicals. Our 16-month accelerated nursing program is ideal for individuals with a four-year degree from an accredited institution, seeking a career in nursing.

Health professions: Our health professions program is designed for students seeking to attend professional programs in a wide variety of health specialties, including dentistry, medicine, pharmacy, physician assistant, veterinary medicine and more. Dedicated faculty with strong connections to top programs throughout the country, support and mentor each student to reach their greatest potential within their program and beyond. Our intensive one-year post-baccalaureate premedical program, started in 2019, is ideal for individuals with a four-year degree seeking a career change into medicine.

World language & cultures: Language is a bridge between people and cultures. Knowing a language opens both career opportunities and life experiences worldwide.  Language programs at Concordia are dedicated to engaging students in the classroom with theory and practice, and providing avenues to apply real world skills at home and abroad. Concordia offers both traditional language programs as well as a unique MEd program designed for working language educators. The world-renowned Concordia Language Villages complement both traditional and graduate programs by providing an immersive and interactive venue to master language skills.

Education: The Education department at Concordia offers a wide range of programs to prepare students to meet the Minnesota Board of Teaching requirements. Students learn from faculty with years of experience in both public and private schools. Faculty are dedicated in guiding students on a successful path toward a degree in education. Our programs boast small class sizes, unique projects, an emphasis on technology in the classroom and strong student teaching experiences. Students can take advantage of the Concordia Language Villages and global student teaching abroad. With emphasis in elementary or secondary education, areas of specialty include art, music, physical education, math and sciences.

Concordia College has offered many opportunities for me. This overall experience has bettered me as an individual and I look forward to my future career as a registered dietitian. The combined program offers direct experience in internship rotations and also reinforces information learned in the past in undergraduate courses. The faculty are amazing at Concordia! It is motivating to enter a classroom with faculty who are happy to help you with anything and want the best for your future.


Allison Eikmeier '20

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World Language Instruction, MEd
Nutrition and Dietetic Internship with an emphasis in Dietetics Leadership, MS

Licensure preparation programs

Accelerated Nursing licensure prep
Post Baccalaureate Premedical licensure prep
Accelerated Teaching Preparation licensure prep

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Traditional undergraduate

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