At Hamline University, we’ve set the standard for a premier education since 1854. As Minnesota’s first university, our first graduates were not only Minnesota’s first graduates, but they were also women, establishing a tradition of dynamic, forward-thinking education for all students. Here at Hamline, our students take the lead with collaborative research projects that open minds, service-learning opportunities that open hearts and internships that open doors. They graduate with the knowledge, skills and connections to pursue their passion and do all the good they can in all the ways they can.

Hamline University delivers a relevant liberal arts education that prepares students to think, learn and reach across disciplines. Our innovative curriculum inspires students to find meaningful experiences in which to apply their academic knowledge in a real-world setting. Students get the one-on-one attention of caring professors who know their names and their dreams for the future. From the moment they step on campus, students have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with faculty experts, do work that matters and gain hands-on experience. It’s how they find their purpose and accomplish more than they ever thought possible.

Religious affiliation: United Methodist

Student body profile

Hamline students are diverse in their experiences, interests and backgrounds. They are engaged in more than 60 different student clubs and organizations and find meaningful ways to connect on campus and in the communities that surround our campus. Undergraduate students contribute to the greater community through service trips, academic classes and student organizations dedicated to service and social activism.


Since 1854, Hamline has set the standard for excellence in a liberal arts education. Deeply rooted in justice, civic responsibility and Methodist values, our liberal arts curriculum prepares students to think critically, develop a worldly perspective and become creative problem solvers for the future

With more than 50 areas of study, students can pursue their passions, feed their curiosity and focus on the issues that matter most to them. Whatever their field, they’ll have limitless opportunities to take the initiative and contribute to the workplace, the community, and the world. Recently added programs of study include a Forensic Science major and Social Justice and Social Change major as well as minors in Leadership, Contemporary Music Production, Digital Storytelling, Data Visualization, Ethics and Advocacy, Graphic Design and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

Learning options

Dual-degree programs

Hamline partners with Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, offering students the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Arts in physics from Hamline and a Bachelor of Science in engineering from Washington University. Attend Hamline for the first three years (on average), and then attend Washington University for just two more years.

Honors program

Students in University Honors are required to excel in four areas, spanning the curricular and co-curricular realms: academic excellence, undergraduate research, contributions to community and development as a lifelong learner. Students write their own honors proposals, laying out what they plan to do in each of the four areas, reflect on all aspects of their honors achievements, participate in University Honors events and present their honors achievements at a capstone presentation before graduation.

Intercampus agreements

Hamline is a member of the Associated College of the Twin Cities (ACTC). Through this consortium, Hamline degree-seeking undergraduate students may register for courses at the other ACTC schools: Augsburg, Macalester, St. Catherine and St. Thomas. One ACTC course per semester is allowed. Some program exclusions apply.


ernships are a great way to test career interests, build professional skills, earn credit and fulfill Hamline’s Liberal Education as Practice (LEAP) requirement. Students are encouraged to participate in two internships over the course of their time at Hamline: An exploratory, entry-level internship as early as their sophomore year and another internship to further career development in their junior or senior year. The Career Development Center aids in exploring and securing internship opportunities. And thanks to our Pipers to Professionals Program, no Hamline internship experience goes unpaid.

Pre-professional programs

Pre-Chiropractic Medicine
Pre-Exercise Physiology
Pre-Occupational Therapy
Pre-Physical Therapy
Pre-Physician Assistant

Study abroad/away

Hamline’s Global Engagement Center offers international or domestic program options for a semester, a year, a summer, spring break or during January Term. Students expand their worldview and their resume while making connections and building friendships abroad, all while fulfilling important requirements like major classes or electives to stay on track for graduation and life beyond college. From Appalachia to the Arctic, the Gulf Coast to Guatemala, programs help students embrace the opportunity to challenge their beliefs and values; learn about different worldviews; and encourage self-discovery as they step outside their own culture and perspectives.

Teacher licensure programs

Hamline's School of Education and Leadership has prepared nearly 3,000 undergraduate and graduate students to become teachers over 25 years. Initial licensure programs are available at the undergraduate and graduate levels in many subject areas. Undergraduate students can also jump-start their career with our accelerated Master of Arts in Teaching, where students earn a bachelor’s and master’s degree and prepare for initial license in a single program. Additional licensure options exist for educators to continue learning throughout their careers.

Hamline professors are all so thoughtful and engaging. They want to make sure I’m understanding the material, that I’m getting a good education. All of my professors know me by my first name. I’m not just a number to them.

Asli Abdi '25


Hamline approaches the admission process through a holistic review process. This means we care about the whole student profile, including academic abilities, course selection, activities and leadership, writing and potential. Hamline is test-optional, which means we’ll accept your application with or without an ACT or SAT score. We are looking for students who strive to challenge themselves in a collaborative academic environment and who will be committed to making a meaningful impact in the Hamline community and beyond.

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Cost & financial aid

Hamline is proud to offer competitive financial aid and scholarship opportunities to our students, and we’ll work with students and families to make sure Hamline stays affordable throughout the students’ experience. As a test-optional school, students will be fully evaluated for merit aid regardless of whether or not they submit a test score. The average Hamline financial aid package is $44,120.

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Tuition and fees

First-time, full-time students receiving grants and scholarships

Financial aid application deadline
March 1 priority awarding deadline

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Student activities

Hamline is home to more than 60 student organizations that foster student interaction and exchange, the exploration of interests and the development of valuable leadership skills. Joining a student organization is a great way to make new friends, develop new skills and become a more active member of the campus community. Student Activities & Leadership Development (SALD) provides students with opportunities to enhance their coursework and build leadership capacities through co-curricular activities. The office is responsible for coordinating major campus programs like Homecoming Week as well as regular evening and weekend programming.

Number of student organizations

Academic clubs

From the Chemistry Club to Model United Nations, academic clubs at Hamline offer students the opportunity to explore their academic interests beyond the classroom and engage in collaborative learning with others.

Community service

The Wesley Center for Spirituality, Service and Social Justice is committed to helping students explore a path to making a difference in the world. Students will find countless opportunities for service programs and a community of leaders unified in their belief in giving back. From partnerships with local organizations to student-led initiatives, there is something for everyone.

Cultural or ethnic

The Hedgeman Center for Student Diversity Initiatives helps create and sustain an inclusive community that appreciates, celebrates, and advances student and campus diversity at Hamline. Organizations support, empower and promote the success of all students with particular attention to US students of color and indigenous students, first-generation college students and others from historically marginalized backgrounds. There are currently 10 student organizations that focus on supporting a specific multicultural community.

Honor societies

Examples of academic honors societies at Hamline include Psi Chi Psychology Honor Society and Beta Beta Beta National Biology Honor Society. Hamline was awarded a Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society Chapter in 1973 and is now one of only 293 chapters in the United States.


Hamline is home to a number of clubs and organizations with a focus on political action and social change. Students engage with one another to gain leadership and advocacy skills as they strive to improve their communities.


With examples such as the Society of Physics Students and the Piper Investment Club, Hamline students have the opportunity to engage with fellow students, faculty and industry professionals to facilitate the exchange of ideas as they explore their career options.


Recognizing that Hamline’s campus community is religiously diverse, the programs of Religious and Spiritual Life are committed to fostering spiritual exploration and growth, promoting compassion, justice and concern for the common good and providing personal, emotional and spiritual support to the campus community.

Student government

Hamline Undergraduate Student Congress (HUSC) is the student government of Hamline. HUSC works with faculty, staff and administration to make sure students’ voices are heard. Another part of HUSC’s job is the management and distribution of funds to the many student organizations on campus. There are approximately 30 elected and appointed positions within HUSC including an executive board, representatives from each class and residence hall representatives.

Student interest/hobbies

Student organizations contribute to making our campus community a more vibrant and interesting place. Student clubs and organizations are a great way for students with similar interests to pursue their passion and make friends along the way. Examples include the Poetry Club, Anime and Manga Club, and the HU Climbing Club.

Fine art offerings

The music and theatre arts departments coordinate theatre and ensemble productions every year – open to all regardless of major. Students can also pursue passions in the studio arts and creative writing. Scholarships are available by audition for students who excel in the fine arts.

Instrumental Music

Concert Band
Early Music
Jazz Ensemble
Small Ensembles
Symphony Orchestra

Vocal Music

A capella
Early Music
Mixed Choir
Women's Choir

Theater & Dance

Dance Company
Dance Team / Club
Swing dance
Theater club
Theater productions

Athletic programs

NCAA Division
Division III

Conference membership
Midwest Women’s Lacrosse Conference
Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC)
Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (WIAC, gymnastics)

Men's varsity

Swimming /Diving
Track and Field (indoor and outdoor)

Women's varsity

Swimming / Diving
Track and Field (indoor and outdoor)

Club sports

Sport clubs are recognized, student-lead organizations made up of individuals sharing a common interest in competitive, recreational and/or instructional sport activity. They allow students to participate in a variety of sport activities both for fun and at the competitive intercollegiate club level. Sport clubs are created and managed by students, which provides numerous learning and leadership opportunities that further enhance the overall collegiate experience for those involved.

Club sports offered
Cheer Team
Martial Arts

Intramural sports

The Hamline University Intramural Program offers open and inclusive recreational activities based on a foundation of sportsmanship. All current Hamline students are eligible to participate in a wide range of intramural activities and events. Intramurals provides a fun and safe environment for participants to develop and maintain an active, healthy lifestyle through involvement in competitive sports leagues, tournaments and special events and open recreation.

Number of intramural sports

After graduation

The Career Development Center (CDC) assists students and alums as they explore, prepare for and make successful transitions to life after Hamline. We empower individuals to take an active role in finding and pursuing their personal and professional passions. The CDC offers a comprehensive program of professional and career development services for students. These services and resources help students explore, plan, and achieve their career goals from the first year on campus to graduation and beyond.

Disciplines with largest number of graduates
1. Social sciences
2. Business, management, marketing and related support services
3. Biological and biomedical sciences

Alumni majors
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