Transfer students are a welcome addition to the St. Olaf community. They bring diversity and fresh perspectives to the St. Olaf academic experience. Transfer students are admitted on the same selective basis as regular first-year students, are eligible for financial aid, may compete for a limited number of merit scholarships, and are guaranteed housing for the duration of their enrollment at St. Olaf College.

New or unique undergraduate programs
St. Olaf’s signature Conversation programs (American Conversations, Asian Conversations, Environmental Conversations, Great Conversation, Public Affairs Conversation, Race Matters, Science Conversation) bring students with diverse interests and academic majors together in a common discussion-based, cross-disciplinary dialogue on enduring questions and issues of consequence.

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2,953 Undergraduate students
24% Students of color or Native American students
59% Female students
3% Transfer students 
100% Students under 25

Credit Transfer

The registrar will conduct a formal audit of your official transcript and will evaluate each course on an individual basis. In general, course work that is liberal arts in nature for which you have received at least a C grade will be transferable. No matter how many courses or credits the registrar approves, all transfer students must complete at least two full academic years of course work at St. Olaf. Learn more about transferring credit to St. Olaf.

Maximum number of credits that can transfer
72 semester credits (18 courses)

Number of credits required for degree
140 semester credits (35 courses)

Minimum cumulative GPA required

Minimum grade required for a course to transfer

Block transfer accepted


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Application deadlines
Fall term: April 1 (notification by May 15); after April, applications considered on a rolling basis
Spring term: Nov. 1 (notification by Nov. 15); For limited spring enrollment, please contact [email protected] for more information.

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Transfer Student scholarships
Fine Arts (Music, Dance, Art, Theater) scholarships
National Merit scholarships

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