Investment in scholarships helps to:

  • remove financial barriers to higher education for all qualified students
  • maintain the high quality of our institutions
  • encourage timely progress to a degree
  • support the personal and academic dreams of deserving students
  • prepare a new generation of graduates eager to serve Minnesota's communities and power our economy
  • provide a model for other donors who want to ensure a healthy future for Minnesota

Several options for scholarship support exist:

Program scholarships

Donors support a program where students are competitively selected and engaged in the community through service projects, mentoring or participating in urban classrooms. Establishing a scholarship program requires a leadership gift to launch the program and pay for ongoing administration and evaluation.

► EXAMPLE: Phillips Scholars Program — participants design and implement a community service project to address an unmet need in the community.

Named scholarships

Donors establish a scholarship in their name and may outline criteria for scholarship recipients. Named scholarships provide visibility for donors on all 17 of our campuses and provide opportunity for the donor to support students studying in their industry and/or to support other business objectives. Requires a minimum gift of $17,000 ($1,000 per campus).

► EXAMPLE: Xcel Energy Foundation Scholarship — awarded to students with demonstrated financial need who are native Minnesotans and are also juniors or seniors. A preference is given to students of color and also to students with majors in math, science or engineering

Pooled scholarships

Donors may contribute to a pooled fund with a gift at any level. A pooled fund gathers together smaller gifts to create a large gift that impacts many students. Each of the pooled scholarship funds has a specific focus based on emerging workforce needs.

  • Minnesota Scholars Fund
    Supports students with financial need who are Minnesota residents.
  • Access & Equity Scholarship Fund
    Supports students with financial need who are students of color, first generation students or new Americans
  • Galileo Scholarship Fund
    Supports students with financial need who are majoring in the STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).