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Attention students
Applications are not accepted for this scholarship.

Financial aid officers at each college and university award this scholarship directly to students who meet the criteria listed below. Contact the office on your campus if you feel you would qualify.

Eligibility criteria

  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Studying the STEM disciplines: science, technology, engineering and mathematics
  • Minimum grade point average of 2.5
  • Preferably a freshman or sophomore 

Minnesota private colleges award:

  • 33 percent of the state’s math and statistics degrees
  • 49 percent of all physical science degrees
  • 41 percent of all nursing profession degrees
  • 32 percent of all biological science degrees.

In today’s global economy, the state of Minnesota’s prosperity requires a foundation of individuals well prepared to innovate in the quantitative and technical fields:

  • Our economic forecast projects a 20-33 percent increase in scientific and technical occupations in the next ten years.
  • New growth in the professional and high-tech industries will demand an extra 10,500 college graduates per year.

The Galileo Scholarship Fund is a pooled scholarship fund supported by businesses, foundations and individuals who believe in investing in the success of students. Gifts, in a variety of sizes, expand access to the quality educational opportunities provided by Minnesota's private colleges and universities.