If you are a student at a participating college and are interested in participating on a future Mayo Innovation Scholars Program (MISP) or Innovation Partners (IP) team, please contact your campus liaison (see lists below).

If you are a current program participant and have administrative questions, please contact Sandy Malecha, Program Administrator.

Media inquiries may also be directed to Sandy Malecha.

Participating undergraduate colleges

Augsburg University
Catherina Kipper, [email protected]

Bethel University
Seth Paradis, [email protected]

Carleton College
Sara Nielsen, [email protected]

College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University
Lindsey Gutsch, [email protected]

Concordia College
Krys Strand, [email protected]

Gustavus Adolphus College
Jess Franta, [email protected]

Macalester College
Lisa McCarthy, [email protected]

Saint Catherine University
Kurt Olson, [email protected]

Saint Mary's University of Minnesota
Christine Beech, [email protected]

St. Olaf College
Margaret Bransford, [email protected]

University of St. Thomas
Laura Bru, [email protected]

Participating graduate universities

Augsburg University
George Dierberger, [email protected]

St. Catherine University
Kristin Tupa, [email protected]

University of St. Thomas
Steve Vuolo, [email protected]