2022-2023 Scholars

(will complete their projects in summer 2023)

Sehan Adan
Augsburg University

This project will combat health disparities in Minnesota.  Collaborating with specific community organizations, the project will visit high schools and TRIO programs to help educate students on the important health information they need.
Manu Hope Kannare
Augsburg University

This project will create a program that focuses on the trauma we have experienced internally by discussing our experience in a community setting. This program will work with the YMCA to provide a familiar space for children, teenagers, and young adults that identify as Black or a BIPOC community member.
Phuong Kim Le
Concordia College, Moorhead

This project will develop a system, a website, that lists issues related to the dimension of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion that students might face when they study outside of Concordia (for now, it will mainly be for study abroad) and offers guidelines and/or supports if possible.
Dasiyah Franklin-Carter
Hamline University

The goal of this initiative will be to empower youth to take action in their neighborhood through service activities with the collaboration of a local organization.
Anthony Meng
Hamline University

One of the ways we can address food apartheid is by bringing affordable and healthy food to people while simultaneously ensuring their autonomy and dignity. This project will collaborate with the Food Group, specifically, their Twin Cities Mobile Market (TCMM). The Twin Cities Mobile Market is a market on a bus that conveniently brings affordable, fresh, and high-quality groceries directly into neighborhoods around St. Paul and Minneapolis that don’t have easy access to full-service supermarkets, grocery stores, or food shelves.
Louise Ba
St. Catherine University

This project will serve a community of young girls from 7th-12th grade by working with a Girls Inc. cohort at the YWCA in Minneapolis. The project’s purpose is to reshape the existing curriculum to help advocate for and support girls dealing with sexual violence.
Emilila Garrido Vasquez
St. Catherine University

This project will provide a totally cost-free Introductory bilingual dance class for children, implementing the principles of ballet to serve as a structured class model that is easy for children to follow.
Caitlin Anderson
University of St. Thomas 

In an effort to better serve disadvantaged members of the Twin Cities, this project will create a food-rescue delivery system (App) that would enable members of the community with free time and the desire to give back, to deliver groceries from local food shelves to their clients at their own convenience.
Liliana Valverde Ortiz
University of St. Thomas 

This project will educate, inform, and provide resources to those who are in ESL community in Burnsville.  This would include first generation students, focusing on Spanish speaking students, and students whose parents struggle with English, as well as students who have had to put aside school to help their family.
Alexander Vue
University of St. Thomas 

This project will focus on creating a network between Hmong Americans who are experienced in different career paths and connecting them to high school and college students in a mentorship program.