2020-2022 Scholars

(will complete their projects in summer 2021)

Nou-Chee Chang
Augsburg University 

“Hlub Lub Hlwb: Bringing Mental Health Awareness to the Hmong Community in Brooklyn Center”
Hlub Lub Hlwb (translated as Love The Mind in Hmong) is a program that aims to bring awareness and destigmatize mental health with Hmong youth in the Brooklyn Center community. Hmong high school students will learn more about various mental health topics through a culturally relevant lens. Some topics will include how mental health plays a role in Hmong identity and understanding the practices and services to support themselves, family and peers.

Athena Estime
Augsburg University

“Personal & Professional Development for Success”
A program for Pan-African female high school seniors and recent graduates who need help navigating barriers associated with mental health and social oppression.  Participants will gain the knowledge and poise to succeed in all work and academic spaces of their choosing. The program will identify values and personality traits for personal development and confidence.

Nassima El Kasmi
Concordia College 

“Women in Business Mentorship Program”
The Women In Business Mentorship Program is a program specifically designed for female minority students in high school interested in business. Students will be selected from an AVID class at Moorhead High School and will have the opportunity to have a wider and more positive view of their future as minorities through this mentoring program.

Irwin Flores
Hamline University 

“A Strong Foundation”
The aim of this program is to teach incoming high school freshmen students about the opportunities available to them to help prepare them to attend college and succeed in life. This program will partner with the Boys and Girls Clubs of Minneapolis to do our small part to help raise the graduation rate and percentage of those attending college among students of color.

Andrea Mata Sarabia
St. Catherine University 

“The Poder Project: Family as a Catalyst for Literacy”
The Poder Project will use a family approach to help close the achievement gap in literacy for Latinx students. The project will address the importance of reading, representation in books and support for and from families for the literacy of children.

Jennifer Nieto
University of St. Thomas 

“Unplugged: Learning from Inspiring Voices”
In collaboration with Webber-Camden Library, the project will encourage youth to disconnect from their devices this summer. We will gather weekly to form community. Each week we will watch educational and inspirational TED Talks with guided discussions about content and how to incorporate those insights into their lives.

2019-2021 Scholars

(completed their projects in summer 2020)

Zakariya Abdullahi
Augsburg University 

“Dagan & Debate”
Aims to restore Somali students' sense of agency and self-empowerment, and address the deficit in knowledge about the systems and politics that affect them through a debate-centered program for middle school students

Melissa Flores Jaimes
Augsburg University 

“Creating Healthy Creative Latinx Youth through Cultural College Access”
Aims to address two interconnected needs: culturally adapted college preparation and having open conversations about mental health for Latinx high school students. Latinx students aspire to go to college; having bilingual and culturally competent mentors will provide social support. My project will equip Latinx students with the information they need to navigate college successfully.

Terrence Shambley
Augsburg University 

“Free Grant Writing Classes for Young Artists of Color”
Aims to provide a free grant writing class that is specifically tailored toward meeting the needs of Minneapolis-St. Paul-based artists of color between the ages of 16-25. This six-week program will teach participants how to research grant opportunities, how to write successful grants, and provide them with a network of support for their grant writing moving forward.

Courtney Wiese
Concordia College

“Broadening Their Horizons: Helping Low-Income Students Access Scholarships for College”
Aims to create a three-part program to work with low-income students in Henning, Minn. I will educate, encourage and equip students to see out and enact service engagement, which will support their resumes and scholarship applications that I will help them develop

Pragya Karmacharya
St. Catherine University 

“Her Voice”
Aims to address one crucial underlying problem with the achievement gap: that students of color, particularly girls of color, are not being heard. Through writing workshops, public speaking practice and mentorship programming, I will empower participants by integrating their academic, social and family life. My project aims to lead young women to success by validating them for their experiences, giving value to their voice and helping them find courage in their stories.