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At the end of each week, the Council emails member leadership and staff as well as our board members a short list of relevant higher education news articles (with links) that we found during the week.

To sign up, please email your contact information (including title) to Lisa Thompson.

The Council's purpose is advocacy — on behalf of students, our member institutions and higher education. The Fund’s focus is on raising funds to support students. Together, both organizations support member institution collaboration when it meets important common needs; this work includes sharing admission-related information, which is the focus of much of this website, as well as research and fundraising.

Staff from our institutions meet regularly, often with staff from the Council and Fund facilitating those conversations and receiving valuable guidance from our college contacts. Review the list of groups that meet and feel free to contact the lead staff contacts who are listed — or any Council and Fund staff — with questions and suggestions.

Campus groups

The Council convenes and supports several groups from our member institutions. They’re listed below, along with the lead Council or Fund staff person.

Campus groupStaff contact
Accreditation and compliance staffMegan Rozowski
Admissions officersJohn Manning
Campus legislative contacts (CLCs)Alison Groebner
Chief academic officersPaul Cerkvenik
Chief development officersPaul Cerkvenik
Chief financial officersStacey Holland
Development prospect researchersPaul Cerkvenik
Financial aid directorsMegan Rozowski
Grant officersPaul Cerkvenik
Human resources officersStacey Holland
Institutional researchersMegan Rozowski
Magazine editorsJohn Manning
Marketing and communications leadersJohn Manning
Multicultural affairs directors / Diversity officersSunny Kase
Public relations contactsJohn Manning
Public safety leadersPaul Cerkvenik
RegistrarsPaul Cerkvenik
Student affairs leadersJohn Manning
Student Success contacts
Staff from academic and student affairs, as well as other areas, have come together for in-person forums and online check-ins.
John Manning
Teacher program preparation leadersAlison Groebner
Transfer admissions professionalsJudy Johnson

In addition, we bring together different groups of staff to help advise us on specific projects:

  • Minnesota Private College Week advisory group (staff contact: Lisa Thompson)
  • Scholars at the Capitol event faculty advisors (staff contacts: John Manning and Rachel Wormer)
  • Transfer Initiative (staff contacts: John Manning and Judy Johnson)
  • Market research (staff contacts: Mitch Radtke, Megan Rozowski and John Manning)

There are additional groups of institutional staff who come together more independently but whom we support in a variety of ways, such as:

Career development directors
Staff contacts: John Manning and Mitch Radtke


Market research project

Find information and documentation on the project currently underway.

MPCW campus signage

Order signs to help direct visitors during Minnesota Private College Week.

Policy advocacy

Advocacy resources

Find resources to help you and your students advocate at the Capitol.

Research & data submission

Employment data and resources

Find data or request reports on high-demand skills, occupations, and job opportunities for entry-level positions.

Member-only research reports

Find reports created for the Council's 18 member institutions.

Provide scholarship information

Enter details on students awarded Minnesota Private College Fund scholarships.

Upload research data

Share your institutional data files for use in the Council's research and reports.

Staff development

Reading for Education and Access Leadership Series

Sign up for mid-level professionals' book discussions.

Student success conversations

Join the discussion by participating in professional development opportunities around student success.

Sign up for weekly higher ed news digest

At the end of each week, the Council member leadership and staff as well as our board members a short list of relevant higher education news articles (with links) that we found during the week. If you would like to sign up for this weekly clips email, please send an email with your contact information (including title) to Lisa Thompson.