What makes this event different from other campus visits?

This is a great introduction to your college options. With two- or three-hour sessions scheduled at 9:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m., we make it easy for you to schedule several visits over the week. That’s what makes the week a good time to begin your college search.

Is it only for students who will be seniors in the fall?

No, the event is worthwhile even if you'll be junior or sophomore in the fall. Whenever you are starting to think more about your college options, you would benefit from these short campus visits.

Do I need to register? How do I register?

No, but registration is strongly recommended as campuses may not be able to accommodate walk-in. It also helps our campuses better prepare for the number of students expected to be at each visit. You can register online beginning on May 1.

How should I decide which colleges to visit?

You could start with some research.

  • Our college pages may be a good starting point. These profiles include links to the colleges’ websites if you want to dig deeper.
  • Our colleges offer a wide range of programs. If you have an area of interest, use our online search tool to find colleges that matches your interests by majors, sports and the arts.

The important thing is to start visiting some campuses. It will help you better imagine just what you are looking for as your college search advances.

If you're thinking about visiting more than one campus in the same day, be sure to check out our mileage chart to a make sure you have enough time to get from each campus to another.

Why should I consider private colleges?

A private college offers academic excellence through one-on-one contact with professors and other "real world" experiences, as well as a strong sense of community. With the variety represented by our 18 institutions in terms of size, location, affiliation and special areas of focus, you're sure to find several colleges you would like to explore further.

Plus, the knowledge and skills you gain at one of Minnesota’s private colleges are exactly what employers are seeking.

Private colleges are also a lot more affordable than you may think with 96 percent of our first-year students receiving financial aid that they never have to pay back.

What if I'm not sure whether I want to go to a private college?

Attending one or more colleges during the week can help you determine if a private college is a good fit for you. It will also help you learn how private and public institutions differ. Also explore how to find the right college fit.

Are all private colleges in Minnesota a part of this event?

No, Minnesota Private Colleges Week is a collaborative event of the 18 private nonprofit colleges and universities that belong to the Minnesota Private College Council. (There are other private nonprofit colleges in Minnesota, but they are not a part of this event.)

Do colleges expect me to apply to or attend their school if I visit during the event?

No, this is a "no pressure" opportunity to visit campuses, ask questions and get a feel for what different private colleges have to offer. You don't have to commit to anything before (or after) you attend.

Can I make appointments to visit with people on campus?

This varies by campus. Some campuses do not facilitate individual appointments with professors, coaches or other staff during the week, but others do. Please contact the campus directly for more information.

Can I visit schools before or after the event?

Yes, you are welcome to schedule visit at another time. If you like what you see during the week or can't coming during the week it's held, we encourage you to come back later for a full college tour. You’ll find details on other visit options on our College Explorations page.

If I my family doesn't have a car, how do I get to your colleges, especially in Greater Minnesota?

Getting around to visit our colleges doesn’t need to be an obstacle. First, check if any of your friends are going to the colleges that interest you. You might be able to get a ride with one of them. If that isn’t possible, review our list of alternative transportation options.

Can we stay in on-campus housing for the night?

We cannot make campus housing available for students and their families. Contact the admission offices on the campus you wish to visit for a list of accommodations in the area.

What if I am on campus for a camp during the event?

Simply being on campus is not enough to give you the same information you would gain by attending the information session and campus tour. You may participate in the event if your schedule and camp director allow.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact the Minnesota Private College Council office at  [email protected] or 800-774-2655.