February 2020

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It may seem like it’s way too early to begin planning a group summer college visit for your students, but such visits tend to require more planning since is school out — more so if you’ve never done it before. To help you with this, we encourage you to review two past articles on the topic.

More advice — and alternatives

Our visit Planning Campus Visits booklet was prepared to help schools and access programs understand their options for campus visits at any time of the year — along with some alternative ways to help students learn about colleges. For example, maybe you want to explore options to have some college students video conference with students at your school or to host a college rep to come to you. For advice about planning group visits and learn what our colleges think about alternatives, view or download the PDF.

Group visits during Minnesota Private College Week

Minnesota Private College Week 2020

Last year, we rolled out a simplified registration form that requires for less information about each of your students (only name, grad year and high school). As you make plans, please review the group visit guidelines, which cover chaperone expectations and grade level restrictions. Registration opens on April 1.

To help you promote the event, the Council has a number of free resources on our website. You can:

  • Order and distribute our free handout.
  • Download, print and hang up event flyers in your building.
  • Use our sample text and graphic in e-newsletters or on your website.

Need something else or have a suggestion? Just let us know by emailing us.