December 2020

The Council recently finished a complete overhaul of its website. One of the many changes includes a new section dedicated to college counseling to help you quickly access the information and recourses you need. While you're there, be sure to check out the recordings of this fall's virtual Counselors' Breakfast. About 150 high school counselors and access programs staff participated in the two-part virtual event where counselors heard quick updates from admission reps with time for Q&A as well. More admissions-related videos can be found on our YouTube channel.

We've also expanded college profiles beyond what traditional undergraduates need to know to include information for transfer students, adult learners and graduate students.

Our college planning content has been reorganized for different audiences; a good place to start is the high school students section where you'll find information on the following:

When your students and families have questions about how to pay for college, our paying for college section provides a good rundown of information they might find helpful, including:

For those less familiar with our institutions, the Why Minnesota private colleges will help them discover the benefits of private colleges and what makes them different from public institutions.

And a new find your college match tool will be rolled out soon as well.

Have an idea of new content that our website doesn't covered? Let us know.