February 2018

College campuses are common stopping grounds for squirrels, but every now and then other types of animals decided to adopt campuses as their own — and not always at the behest of their human companions. We asked our colleges to share their stories, and below are four furry emissaries who have made themselves home on campus, welcoming students, staff and visitors alike with a little unconditional love.

Lyman the cat

Carleton College

Many alumni have fond memories of Toff, the beloved feline who was Carleton's unofficial campus cat for a dozen years before he died of cancer in 2011. Now there's a new cat on the scene, ready to assume Toff's duties of cuddling with homesick or stressed out students and just generally acting as if he owns the place.

Meet Lyman Bongo Bailey Openshaw.

A 13-year-old orange tabby, Lyman is easily identifiable by what owner and Northfield resident Leona Openshaw calls his "blithe spirit" - and the frostbite on the tips of his ears.

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Wally the corgi

Hamline University

Wally is a crucial member of the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Whether he is greeting people with a happy face, cheering people up with his contagiously positive attitude, or entertaining people while they wait, everyone loves Wally. In fact, Wally might be the most loved of his kind in the office. You could say he is definitely top dog.

This corgi's Piper pride all started in the summer of 2017 when his parent Lauren Loeffler took him on a tour of Hamline's campus. After sniffing out some great study spots and the campus dining hall, Wally fell in love with Hamline. He has since spent much of his time at the Hamline Admission Office, and even helped in their holiday celebrations.

Max the cat

Macalester College

Whether he meant to cause a stir or simply wanted to check out a book, we may never know. Regardless, after repeated attempts to enter DeWitt Wallace Library, Max the Cat has risen to internet fame.

The orange tabby, one of two cats belonging to Visiting Assistant Professor Gregory Lipton and his wife, Connie, has been a friendly face around the college since Connie adopted him from a local shelter last year. Since the couple lives nearby, Max loved to roam the campus, making occasional appearances in classrooms and even attending last year's reunion weekend. Sometime this past year, he began visiting the library, as well; but due to employee allergies (and fears he might get locked inside overnight), he was politely asked not to return.

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Bella the dog

University of St. Thomas

President Julie Sullivan's dog Bella is becoming a bit of a celebrity at St. Thomas. She spends many days in Dr. Sullivan's office in Aquinas Hall and has made some special appearances on campus. She recently was the special guest at a service activity in the St. Thomas' Create Space where students were making snuffle pads for the Animal Humane Society. She was also featured in the Tommie Give Day video (starting at 1:07) and the Tommie Give Day thank-you video