March 2018
career path visualization

There is a common narrative that going to a liberal arts college leads to a worthless degree because grads can’t get jobs, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The reality is that career options are almost limitless. Here are two interactive tools that help visualize this:

  • Carleton College’s interactive tool helps both current and prospective students understand that majors can lead to many types of careers. It shows the major of graduates and their career field, connected by a line. These lines have different thicknesses corresponding to the number of graduates with a specific major and a specific career. Learn more about the tool.
  • The Hamilton Project’s interactive career path tool looks at career paths and earnings of graduates within a college major. The results can also be filtered for specific genders and age groups.

And consider this: employers say that a college grad’s major matters less than their soft skills, such as the highly sought after critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills taught at a liberal arts college. So remember to look beyond specific majors.

Read the insights from the presidents of two of our colleges on how the liberal arts prepare students for today’s — and tomorrow’s — workforce.

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