March 2021

Resources related to the Chauvin trial
The Council members are creating resources to address the issues raised by the Chauvin trial, and a new page has created to share these resources.

Explore summer enrichment programs at our colleges
To help busy parents, the Council had compiled a handy list of summer offerings at our colleges for middle and high school students.

State releases report on high school student pursuit of rigorous courses
The report looks at Minnesota high school participation and student enrollment in Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, concurrent enrollment and Postsecondary Enrollment Options programs.

Updated graduation rate report now available
The Council’s graduation rate report shares comparisons to other sectors in Minnesota as well as nationwide averages.

Report on Minnesota private colleges’ graduation outcomes by Pell status
Using federal data, this Council report provides four-year rates on bachelor’s degrees earned at our member institutions by students who were and were not Pell Grant recipients.