May 2021

Exploring our colleges has never been easier
Our members are offering a variety of in-person and virtual visit options this summer to help families explore their campuses.

New issue of parent newsletter available
The summer issue of The Bridge: Parent News is now available online. Please share this useful resource with parents of middle or high school students — or sign up yourself.

Virtual Counselors' Breakfast recordings available
The Council held its annual event virtually this spring and has added the recordings to our website for those who were unable to attend. Click the link above to watch the videos.

Updated transfer origins report released
The report summarizes the transfer patterns of students who transferred into Minnesota Private Colleges in 2019-20.

Private college recipients of the Minnesota Campus Compact President’s Award
Many private college students, faculty, staff and partners were honored this year. Review the full list at the above link.

Minnesota private college student awarded Truman Scholarship
Sagal Ahmed of Carleton College was among 62 students nationwide selected to receive the scholarship. Institutions nominated students based on their records of leadership, public service and academic achievement.