April 2023

This year’s Minnesota Private Colleges Week will run from June 26 to June 30 with visit sessions beginning at 9:30 a.m. or 1:30 p.m.  All sessions are two hours in length EXCEPT for the joint sessions held by the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University, which run three hours. View the session schedule.

How many guests can accompany a student?

Students will be able to bring up to five guests with them on their visits. They will need to provide each guest's name and the student's relationship with the guest (such as parent, guardian, sibling, grandparent, aunt, uncle, cousin, etc.).

Can students visit more than one campus in a day?

Absolutely! All 18 of our members are offering morning visit sessions every day during the event while 15 are offering afternoon sessions. When planning, families and students should review our mileage chart to make sure they have enough time to get from one campus to another in the two hours between the morning and afternoon session.

What if students don’t have access to a car to visit campuses outside the Twin Cities?

We’ve compiled a list of alternative transportation options (with links) to help address this issue. Keep in mind that most of the options do require making plans ahead of time. Popular rideshare services, such as Lyft and Uber, also might be an option but availability could be more limited in smaller towns. Also check with specific college admissions offices regarding transportation concerns; they might be able to provide some helpful advice.

It also doesn’t hurt for students to check if their friends or classmates are going to the colleges that interest the student. They may be able to get a ride with one of them.

Can I register to bring a group of students?

Because group visit policies continue to vary widely by institution, you will need to contact each institution directly to check if it is able to accommodate your group on the day(s) you would like to visit during Minnesota Private Colleges Week. A list of contacts has been posted.

Can those of us counseling students on college attend without students?

Definitely! This is an excellent way for you to learn more about our colleges as well as provide guidance to students and families on what to expect when they register for visits during the event. Please fill out our online registration form. You also are able to register your colleagues to attend on the same day and times as you.

Other resources to help families plan

Do you have materials I can use to promote the event?

Yes! We have created a number of print and digital pieces you can use let students and families know about the event. We have compiled them on our campus visit options for students page.

What if students can’t visit during Minnesota Private Colleges Week

No worries – our campuses hold other group visit events during the summer and offer private campus visits. Our college exploration page provides links to each campus visit page. We also maintain a  group event calendar on the page; new events are added regularly.

Students and families also should watch for fall open houses, especially around MEA time when most Minnesota high school are closed.