October 2017

Schedule your own campus visits
Although the larger fall campus visit events are beginning to wrap up, families always have the option to schedule individual visits.

Counselors' Breakfast scheduled for Nov. 15 in Rochester
This free informational session for high school counselors and others who work with students on college planning. Admissions representatives from our member institutions share updates on what is going on at their institutions and answer questions.

Earning college credit information updated, handout created
Many of our colleges grant credit to first-year students who have participated in dual credit (or concurrent enrollment) programs, but each institution has a slightly different policy. Find out which colleges accept what.

Find colleges offering specific programs of study
Our online College Finder has been updated with majors, minors and concentrations offered during the 2017-18 academic year. Or search for athletic programs or clubs and activities in the arts.

Latest parent e-newsletter available
The fall issue of The Bridge: Parent News, the Council’s e-newsletter for parents of middle and high school students, is now available. Past issues along with a sign up to receive the newsletter by email can be found at the above link.

New student migration report released
The Council has released the 2017 report that shows the migratory patterns of first‐year students in 2016. Minnesota continues to be a "net exporter" of first-time students who attend college within 12 months of graduating from high school.