March 2020


Students who graduate from one of our 17 private nonprofit colleges graduate ready for careers, grad school and to contribute to the vitality of our state and the nation.

#1 and #2
Our colleges’ graduation rate ranks first in Minnesota and the Midwest — and second in the nation. That means our students start careers sooner.

The median income of our alumni working in Minnesota five years after graduation is $58,900.

$1 million
The average return on investment for undergraduate students at our colleges is $1 million; this takes into account both education costs and 40 years of future earnings.

72 percent
Seventy-two percent of recent graduates stay in Minnesota, strengthening the workforce and tax base.

What’s more, a liberal arts education prepares graduates for an ever-chancing workplace thanks to:

Transferable skills
Liberal arts teaches critical thinking, analytical problem-solving and communication skills that allow graduates to adapt quickly to new situations.

Well-rounded knowledge
Our student graduate with knowledge in a variety of areas as well as in-depth knowledge in their majors. This fosters life-long learners who continue learning and growing professionally throughout their careers.

Leadership skills
Through a wide array of opportunities — from student organizations, sports teams, theater productions and musical group, our graduates leave school with leadership experience, confidence and able to relate well to others.

Learning beyond the classroom
Through internships, experiential or service-learning and study abroad, our students gain real-world experiences that develop cultural competencies and prepare them for diverse and global workplaces.