March 2024
Mary Fischer

When Mary Fischer was applying to college, she initially prioritized schools outside of Minnesota in an effort to find her own path.

“I come from a large family with seven siblings, and I am right in the middle, so my priority when looking at colleges was to find a place where I could be my own person,” she said. To her surprise that school ended up being the University of St. Thomas in Fischer’s hometown of St. Paul.

“I applied to a range of schools and never expected to be attending St. Thomas. They really showed up when it came to financial aid and affordability,” Fischer said.

Now a sophomore at St. Thomas, Fischer credits the impact of strong financial aid to her success. “I pay for college myself with the help of scholarships and the Minnesota State Grant,” Fischer said. “All of these scholarships and grants equate to the perfect formula for me, which is helping to fund both my education and goals of pursuing a career in journalism.”

On campus Fischer has an internship as a student reporter with Tommie Media, a student-run digital newspaper. “I am grateful for the opportunity to be learning more about my major outside of the classroom. I love that I can help share stories from students on campus and be creative,” Fischer said.

Additionally, Fischer is involved in a youth group within the St. Thomas community. “I love the community here at St. Thomas. The relationships with faculty and staff along with the wide range of student groups on campus add so much to my experience and education,” she said.

In addition to working as a student reporter, Fischer also works part-time in the financial aid office, helping students access the office’s services and resources. The St. Paul native is passionate about the impact financial aid has had on her St. Thomas experience. “I see firsthand how scholarships and the Minnesota State Grant impact those around me on campus along with myself. It keeps me working hard and gives me a well-rounded perspective,” Fischer said.

Fischer believes current high school students should explore a range of schools that have programs or classes they are interested in. “I went into applying to colleges with a fixed idea of where I wanted to go or what I could afford and at St. Thomas I am able to make the most out of every opportunity I am given,” she said.

By Olivia Brammer

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