August 2022

Minnesota has a statewide goal to increase FAFSA filing by five percentage points in each of the next five years, with a focus on closing gaps in FAFSA filing by race and ethnicity. Without completing the FAFSA students can’t qualify for the vast majority of grants and scholarships that help make college affordable.

FAFSA-filing rates began trending down in Minnesota, and nationwide, during the pandemic. The rate was 48 percent in 2021. The goal this year is to increase FAFSA-filing to 53 percent of high school seniors and to reach 70 percent or higher by 2026.

The Minnesota Office of Higher Education offers FAFSA-filing events throughout the state as part of its Minnesota Goes to College initiative to provide college planning support to high school seniors and their families.


General goal for Minnesota’s FAFSA-filing rate by 2026


2021 Minnesota FAFSA-filing rate