At Minnesota private colleges, 95 percent of first-year students will receive grants and scholarships — this is money student do not pay back.

From colleges and universities

Institutions award grants and scholarships based on merit or on need:

  • Merit-based scholarships recognize student achievement and potential, largely tied to academics.
  • Need-based grants address a student’s ability to pay.

When applying for admission, students should ask about scholarships and grants available from the institution. Additional requirements may apply. To be eligible for need-based grants students generally need to file the FASFA. (For students who are undocumented or coming from overseas, they can be eligible for institutional grants and scholarships as well.)

Minnesota private colleges award more than $684 million in grants and scholarships annually.

From government sources

Significant need-based grants are provided through the federal and state government as well. Learn more about these.

From private sources

Many different types of independent scholarships are available. They are awarded according to some criteria, including academics, athletic achievement, cultural background, religious ties and service. The following websites list resources to help you explore private scholarship opportunities:

Avoid scholarship offers that charge fees, ask for credit cards or checking account information or that guarantee scholarships. Learn how to recognize a predatory financial aid search company.