For families thinking through paying for college, here are some video resources with concrete advice from local experts.

A co-production of TPT’s Minnesota Productions & Partnerships, the original Paying for College program and the separate videos were co-sponsored by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education and the Minnesota Private College Fund in 2013.

Video background

Outside funding has helped make the Paying for College video project possible. Grants were provided by:

  • Travelers Foundation
  • The Saint Paul Foundation, an affiliate of Minnesota Philanthropy Partners, and
  • The Council of Independent Colleges, through its Foundation for Independent Higher Education.

TPT also contributed to this project through in-kind contributions for the broadcast time, marketing support and coordination. Graphics by local cartoonist David Gillette enliven it all. This project would not have been possible without the experts in financial aid, student counseling, personal finance and higher education —along with some students, parents and community leaders —who were interviewed and others who contributed ideas behind the scenes.

In addition, thanks to the students from the High School for Recording Arts who contributed their time and energy to this project.

If you have questions about the video project, which was released in 2013 with some additional components, contact the Minnesota Private College Council. View the full series of videos clips on YouTube

This is a 19-minute video with advice for families considering private nonprofit colleges. It includes shorter segments addressing:

  • Why a private college? (0-2:55)
  • Finding the net price (2:56-5:27)
  • Meet the Clark family (5:28-6:45)
  • How families make it work (8:08-10:24)
  • What students can do (10:25-13:21)
  • Savings and parents (13:22-14:19)
  • Working with financial aid offices (14:20-15:39)

Paying for College in Spanish

Video de 16 minutos explicando como las familias Latinas logran una educación universitaria. Incluye un videoclip corto sobre diferentes temas. (A 16-minute video of a conversation about how Latino families make it happen.)

Paying for College in Hmong

Ib qho kev sib tham, 17 nas this, qhia txog ntawm niam txiv Hmoob kev them nyiaj mus kawm ntawv qib siab. Yog tsis muaj sib hawm saib tas nrho, saib raws li yam koj xav paub xwb. (A 17-minute video of a conversation about how Hmong families make it happen.)

Paying for College in Somali

20 daqiiqo oo wadashakeysi ku saabsan sida qoyska ay u suubiyeen. Waxaa ku jira muqaalo ku saabsan qodobada. (A 20-minute video of a conversation about how Somali families make it happen.)