Strong financial aid programs are critical to the future of our kids, our economy and our state. One out of every four college students receives a Minnesota State Grant. Without it, many students would be unable to attend college — or they would have to take on more debt.

What is an advocate?

An advocate is a person who is willing to speak up about an issue that is important, like the importance of student financial aid. Anyone can advocate for student financial aid:

  • Current college students
  • College faculty and staff
  • Parents of students
  • Alumni
  • Community and business leaders
  • Anyone else concerned about keeping college affordable

What can I do?

Current Minnesota private college students:


  • Write an email to thank or encourage policymakers to increase State Grant awards. Find out who represents you.
  • Take action by emailing your state representative or senator on pending legislation.
  • Meet with your state representative or senator at the State Capitol. Find out who represents you
  • Write letters to the editor or post comments on local news stories.
  • Help local business and community leaders understand the importance of the Minnesota State Grant program.
  • Join Advocates for Minnesota Student Aid to receive brief updates and occasional requests to reach out to legislators.

State legislative session

Find out about the Council's legislative agenda.

Take action

Reach out to your elected officials on an issue.

Find your legislators

Identify who represents you and how to contact them.

Join Advocates for Minnesota Student Aid

Stay informed about issues in state and federal financial aid.

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