The Minnesota Private College Council and the Minnesota Private College Fund respect your right to privacy and will keep confidential any personal information you share with us.

We may require some identification (name, address, email address, etc.) to provide you with information to help us serve your needs. Any personal information you provide is stored in a secure location and is accessible only to designated staff.

We will not send you "spam" email or unsolicited commercial email or share your email address with any third party. (If you are staff or faculty at one of the Council’s 18 member institutions and participate in Advocates for Minnesota Student Aid, we may provide limited information to your institution, if requested, in support of our advocacy and outreach efforts to policymakers.)

In addition, we will provide you with the option to modify your information or unsubscribe from future communication. We value our relationship and want to ensure that it continues to flourish.

If you have questions about these policies or if you experience technical difficulties, please email [email protected] or call us 800-PRI-COLL.

How information submitted during Minnesota Private College Week is used

  • The information you submit during registration will be shared only with the institutions that you registered to visit. They may use this information to contact you about your upcoming visit or to provide additional information to you about their institutions.
  • The Minnesota Private College Council — on behalf of our member colleges — may also email you about additional opportunities during the upcoming academic year, if you have opted in to receiving this communication.
  • You may update your communication preferences using our online form. You may also request that the personal information you submitted during Minnesota Private College Week be deleted after the event.

How cookies are used

This website uses cookies to allow us to analyze traffic to our site. No personal data is stored unless you create an account for Minnesota Private College Week. Cookies can be deleted or blocked by changing the preference settings of your browser; look for an area named “privacy” or “security” and then an area named “cookies” or “content settings."