first-year students receiving grants & scholarships


Minnesota students with family incomes below $50,000


average share of tuition covered by grants for first-year students

Private colleges can be a lot more affordable than you may think.

On average, our students end up paying only about one third of the full tuition price. That's possible because of the financial aid that most students receive; 96 percent of our first-year students receive financial aid that they never have to pay back.

Minnesota Private Colleges offer more than $730 million in institutional grants and scholarships. That figure has been growing as colleges do their best to make sure you can afford to attend.

Thinking through college pricing requires asking yourself some key questions:

  • What will you actually pay?
  • How likely will you graduate in four years?
  • What’s the value of your investment?

Visit the paying for college section of this website to find help considering those questions.

More information

How much aid you can receive is something that becomes clear during a student's senior year, when financial aid has been calculated. But you can get some earlier estimates and advice, including from net price calculators and admission and financial aid offices at any of our institutions. And for other background, review the paying for college section of this website.