Among these 18 private nonprofit institutions, no two of them are just alike. On just about any factor you can think of, this group gives you a lot of options. For starters, consider size, student body make-up, location, academic opportunities, campus groups, service learning and sports. Our colleges vary a lot on just those factors alone.

We also offer some educational experiences not available in the public sector such as church- and faith-related institutions and colleges for women or men. Find out for yourself just how distinct these institutions are by looking at our colleges' profiles.


These colleges offer more than 150 majors and minors. So if you already know what you want to focus on in your undergraduate education, chances are that these colleges offer it. You can find your college matches based on your academic interests as well as the arts and sports activities that are important to you.


There's no stereotypical private college student, either. Our students come from all income levels, with a median family income at our colleges that is below the state level and similar to the median at public universities. We also have significant diversity in terms of race and ethnicity

Looking across our colleges, about two-thirds of students come from Minnesota, with the remainder split between other states and nations. Each institution will share more details about just who its students are and where they’re coming from.